Find the tutorial for this DIY Modern Concrete…

DIY Concrete and Marble Chip Candle Holder

It’s getting harder and harder to find expensive looking modern DIYs. Monsters Circus never lets me down – her sleek DIYs are always beautiful.

I couldn’t find candle spears on Etsy or Amazon, so I asked MonstersCircus where I should look for them. This was her answer:

… I bought mine at the local florist, but I’ve got a few ideas you can try out:

I’ve made something similar but cutting off the foot of a thrift store candle holders.
2nd idea to try simply cast a copper or brass tube directly into the concrete.

Note you’ll need tape to secure both ideas, so the spear or tube won’t tilt.
Let me know if you’ve got further questions.
Happy crafting and thanks for being inspired:-)

Find the tutorial for this DIY Modern Concrete Candle Holder from Monsters Circus here.

Also check out Monsters Circus DIY Concrete Votives here. She used a soda can as her mould.

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